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Muscle Flushing School

Muscle Flushing is a cutting edge Body Work Massage that is a therapeutic athletic massage combined with stretches, relaxation music, where essential oils are always misting in the air. You can sometimes hear the waves of the ocean during sessions. Sustainable, Increased ROM, sometimes drastically in only a few sessions or less, better sleeps, more energy and better workouts is just some of the common feedback. See testimonials just above.

Just Breathe

Enjoy your session while watching the ocean front sunsets.

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For all services including education; Please allot 1-2 weeks in advance to reserve your spot today.

School Testimony

School Testimony

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(note; there are No BDR courses, only Muscle Flushing)

Ryan Brown Creator:

Ryan started his Personal Training and massage therapy in 1998. 

After thousands of clients Ryan has created his own Copyrighted health system. BDR stands of Breast Density Reduction. 

BDR: When the breasts are less dense congested, and circulating properly, some clients have experience side effects of fuller, lifted, larger size differences. 

Results may vary up. Attend sessions with the intentions of achieving another level of optimal health.

Many Females thinking about getting breast enlargements are trying BDR  first!

Ryan is Very passionate about Cancer awareness. In 2009 Jenn, Ryans wife, helped Ryan cycle across Canada for Cancer Awareness. 

Ryan has had hundreds of interviews across the Nation trying to spread Cancer awareness. 

Carly Robertson:

As a registered massage therapist and personal trainer, I have had the experience of witnessing the outstanding benefits of breast massage on my clients. 

With the preventative medical purpose of boosting lymphatic circulation and decreasing inflammation, it is extremely unfortunate that breast massage has been under-serviced in society as a whole due to social norms of breast tissue as "sexual" or "privates". Because if this, many women suffer from chronic pain, and difficulty creating balance in training their upper body. 

I have experienced Ryan's work, and felt a difference in my shoulder functioning in one treatment. He is extremely talented and professional and works hard for his clients. I would recommend both women and men with any back, neck, or shoulder issues to see Ryan for breast massage. 

He can work on both the mobility of the shoulder due to pectoral tension, and tissue congestion, both being absolutely essential for optimal full body functioning! Great work Ryan and thank you!!! 

#2. How BDR service works

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Haley 4 Month BDR Testimonial

Nevada 6 Month BDR Testimonial

Danielle 5 full 1 hour Session BDR Testimony

Amy 90 day BDR testimony

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Complimentary meal plans and workout programs

Our Custom Android + Apple App

The combination of a solid meal plan and workout program can really accelerate muscle imbalances during clinic massage sessions

Celebrity Testimony from actress Rosanna Arkle

I love how everything is all so simple and helping me achieve my goals. Your custom workout and meal plan is tailored to your goals. 

Workout Plan

Ryan has worked with thousands of people ranging from pro atheletes, bikini and figure models, special needs, rehab, powerlifting, cycling, retired, and many successful weight loss stories.

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Over 100 Testimonials


Heather  Rebman (Addictions Counsellor): In 1997 Ryan helped me with amazing massages, and put together a program of exercises and stretches that helped progress and maintain my Mountain Climbing hobby. I am active in Mountain Climbing over 20 years later, and still to this day practice some of the exercises and stretches that Ryan gave me. If you wanna reach your fitness goals Ryan is your guy.

Dr.Cho: I have been working out with Ryan Brown for over a 10 years. His training is an experience that even Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers should experience. He is knowledgeable, diligent, and I know it is very rare to find, but he is one of the only trainers that takes practicing what they preach to a whole new level. I would recommend Ryan to everyone that is seriously looking to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Dr Schuster: I am a medical doctor and I strongly recommend that you hire Ryan!

Dr Pillipow: As a Chiropractor, health is an absolute priority in our lives. But, as business owners it it too easy to let it all slip away getting caught up in the stress of the day to day grind. For the past 14 months, Ryan Brown has been the man to keep it in perspective for us. Ryan has been our personal trainer, motivator, nutritional counsellor and friend. Ryan keeps us pumped up to live active, eat clean and push it to the next level in our health and personal lives. Since training with Ryan, we have noticed strength improvements, weight loss, and an increase in energy for our daily lives, and in our business. I am proud and excited to recommend Ryan to every friend, colleague and practice member in our office, for weight loss, rehabilitation, stress management, nutritional and supplement counseling. Thanks for all of your help Ryan. 

Haley Logan: Ive been to many massage therapist, Ryan is the best, best location, best deals!

Jack Perry: Ryan is a 10 out 10, I mean he is going on 200 testimonials..

Jessica Bartlett : I am very impressed by how quickly Ryan kicks my butt right off a plateau. I always leave our sessions feeling ambitious and motivated. Ryan is a fantastic all around guy, as a trainer and a friend.

Scott & Salena: We started working out with Ryan in November 2010, our goal was to get back into an active lifestyle and lose 10 pounds each and get a little more definition. We saw Ryan once a month from November to January while being regulars at his classes he taught at the gym. Within the first month of training at the gym we lost ten pounds each! We then created harder goals that we thought we wouldn't be able to meet as fast. With the integration of nutritional coaching as well as athletic training, we were able to reach our goals we set with Ryan within the first 2 months of seeing him! Having Ryan using his training program for smartphones and Ipad kept all of our reps and sets, even how much weight we would lift. It made it super easy to stay motivated. We decided to see Ryan more in Feb 2011, after we lost a total of 45 pounds together and completely transformed our eating habits and lifestyle. We focused on training and performing like athletes; we were able to almost quadruple the amount of weight we would able to leg press in 4 short weeks and double our free squat weight as well. With results like that, our lifestyle and attitude have changed for the better. Ryan is not just a personal trainer but he is a constant motivator and an inspiration to his clients. Scott, weight lost, 23 pounds, 4% body fat Salena, weight lost, 22 pounds, 8% body fat

Jon Everden: I am so glad I started training with Ryan. I can’t believe what I have accomplished in the past 4 months. I have increased my muscle mass, dropped the body fat and have become more vascular. I really didn’t think I had it in me to get in this kind of shape. We started out bulking up and my strength gains went up huge with using the proper technique. Ryan then changed my program to “cutting mode” and with the proper nutrition, cardio and weight training balance I was able to get that shredded look, while keeping my muscle mass that I had worked so hard at gaining

Levi Pomponio (Model) Placed top 10 in my first show!! I loved every minute of training with Ryan Brown. He pushes you to do more than you would think possible. Between Sep.30 and Oct.20, 08- I lost almost a half a foot off of my entire body, all while gaining over 1 pound of solid muscle, which I thought was impossible to do. I double my strength in some exercises, and my abs are now showing. I definitely noticed more definition, way less tummy fat, and my cardio has improved dramatically. I would recommend Ryan to everyone. I really learned what it takes to achieve your goals. 

Ryan Chiu: Training with Ryan Brown  is an awesome experience. He strongly encourages you to push your limits but not beyond any comfort levels. I have experienced some amazing results. I am also recent bone marrow transplant patient, that has made it even more of a challenge, but I did it with Ryan Brown. Since I started training with Ryan a few months ago, I lost over 20 pounds of fat, and I went from 30 crunches in a row to over 1500. My weekly crunch record is now 5000!!! I would recommend Ryan Brown to friends and family any day, and to everyone for that matter that is looking for a great Personal Trainer, and wants to seriously get in good shape. His programs work.

Greg  Schulte (Weight Loss) I have worked out with Ryan Brown for the past 6 weeks and I have changed quite a lot!! I have lost over 20 pounds and energy levels has increased tremendously!! I used to hate going to the gym but now I look forward to every session!! He makes working out fun and pushes you to new limits I didn’t think were possible. I will recommend Ryan to all my family and friends. Thank you Ryan you are a 10/10!!

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Group Training (5 in total)


Group Training Testimonials (5 in total)


Boat Bootcamp Testimonials (5 in total)


Diane J. Nelson: Having worked as a personal trainer and a fitness instructor for over 18 years, I reached the point where I needed a push to re-energize my training program.  I also knew that I might not be the most compliant client to train.  Ryan proved to be the best choice to push me in the right direction and to keep me accountable to my goals. The program Ryan set up for me was specifically geared to my strengths and weaknesses and challenged me to achieve results and improve my fitness level.  The exercise choices were practical, designed so that I could maintain the program for the long haul and I never felt overwhelmed with equipment, apparatus, or convoluted exercises.   Ryan’s innovative personal training system, utilizing his I-pad, was instrumental in charting the details of each session and provided a guideline to keep me motivated and on the road to success!  I was also impressed with Ryan’s follow up between sessions, often checked in to see how I was doing post workout, which from my experience in the fitness industry is not common place.

Ryan gets my recommendation for anyone looking for a personal trainer, de-conditioned or athlete. 

Ryan’s depth of knowledge and experience will benefit anyone working towards achieving their goals. 

Kristie Hutchinson: Thank you Ryan for everything you have done to help me achieve my goal. In just 12 weeks I have already gone from 3 chin-up pumps to my new record of 37! I went from 25lb-seated row for 20reps to 170lb-seated row for 20reps. On the adductor machine I went from 70lbs for a minute up to 130lbs for a minute! My favorite accomplishment with the help of Ryan would be my bent over rows. I started with 15lbs for a minute up to 35-40lbs for a minute. I am the most proud of my weighted squats; I started at 10lbs for 10 reps and now at my new record of 140lbs for 10 reps! I am 3 months away from my goal event date and am feeling extremely confident that I will reach my goal with flying colors! I could not have done this without Ryan, he pushes me further then I would ever push myself on my own. Thanks Ry

Shelley Chernoff: As a mother in my 30's working two jobs, Ryan has changed my life in many ways. Not only did he get me to my goal of being toned in less then 2 months he also taught me how to love my mind, body, and sole. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me. Thank you Ryan!

Marissa Anema: 1st place, 1st show! Thanks Ryan! This will really help boost my career after just graduating from Kinesiology

Nikita Kiceluk:(Model) I have appeared on the reality show "Next Top Model", Thanks Ryan!! I'm addicted to Bikini Modeling Now!! You Rock! 

Jess Wenger: Thanks Ryan!! I never thought I would have a 6 pack! and I placed top 5 in my 2nd event.

Crystal Mohan: 2013, In less than 1 week of working with Ryan I noticed; More muscle tone, water loss on the back of my legs, Better Range of Motion in my exercises, faster recovery time from workouts; and I actually have way more energy than ever before! Thanks for introducing me to your muscle flushing/stretching and body balancing training techniques. These 1 on 1 sessions are really boosting my confidence for the Provincial Bikini competition in Vancouver June,22,13. 

Kristie Cousins: 2nd place, 1st show, thanks Ryan, your online tools are amazing!

Jenna Marshal: As a single Mom its tough sometimes to stay on track, if your serious about your health goals and/or bikini competitions contact Ryan his online tools make it so simple, Ryan does it all, from Protan to Posing to Massage Therapy, etc. thanks again Ryan! cheers!

Kelly Derrickson: I live in LA, and I love working out with Ryan and his online training Methods!

Mina Hashimi: Ryan is the best trainer I've ever had! I encourage everyone to work with him!! I've lost 22cm around my body and lost soo much body fat in less than 6 weeks!! wahoo!! Thanks!

Kati Palmer: Hey Ryan! I'm so happy that I'm getting to my goals alot faster than I thought, I love Your method of training! I'm stronger and feeling great!! Thx all the way from Saskatchewan!! :)

Tina Prichard: Hey Ry. I was having immunity issues from a major detox this summer; couldn't work out for like 4 months!! Now I'm back to a regime did some of your azz choppers! My azz feelz great!! Thanks for being awesome. x t

Renette Mendoza: Hey Ryan, thanks for the book! The whole family appreciates it and right now, we are taking turns reading it ;) well done, we are very proud of you.

Lory Goldheart: You inspire me Ryan :) congrats on all your success!

Francisco Ugarte: Yo wanna give a shout out to my boy Ryan, if your looking to get in the best shape youve ever been in Contact him asap , trust me he makes you see them results and fast and helps you build alot of strength , no gimmicks all natural !!!!!!

Derrick Shirley: Proud to share the news that MrRyan Brown has agreed to sponsor us...hold on to your hats folks...$1,000,000 (that right a Million $) worth of online fitness memberships for all of our youth and police participants participating in the IT2 Tandem Bike Ride for Youth at Risk! What an unbelievable contribution and show of support! Thank you Ryan!

Michelle Anderson: (Weight Loss) I have been training with Ryan for over 1 year now and I have lost over 30 pounds. I enjoy training with you because you make me do things that I wouldn't normally accomplish on my own. You give me the confidence to do exercises that I would never think that I could do. I have experienced things that I never thought I could do, I look forward to going to the gym and working out with you. It has made me feel better about myself and the way I look at myself. I would recommend you any one of my friends or strangers. Not to make your head any bigger but I would rate you a 10 out of 10.

2001: Randy Deminik: (Pro Athlete) "I have broken numerous records in Power lifting in the past. Ryan and I worked out together in 2000-2002. He is a very hard worker. I witnessed him win a Canadian National Power lifting gold medal in 2002, and I would recommend him to anyone who is seriously wanting to get their fitness and health goals."

Alejandro Che Castro: Excellent Trainer and a Great Guy!

Michelle Maloy: Beyond highly reccomend anyone to come out just once...you will hooked. His encouragement alone makes any work out amazing. Thanks!

Jolaine N Rayner: I'm only at day 2 with Ryans online tools, and I'm already BEYOND IMPRESSED! The workouts are quick but intense (which works perfectly for my chaotic schedule) and Ryan delivers TOPNOTCH professional fitness advice. Thank you soo much!

Melissa Mae Kuan: I highly recommend Ryan to help you reach your fitness goals! Knowledgeable, professional and the nicest guy you may ever meet. A pleasure to work with :)

Nicole Melissa: So proud of my bro, he was voted the top trainer in BC 2013.

Fran Fowler: (Retired) I am retired and I was looking for something different. He customized a workout program for me that was fun to do, and I lost 28cm and over 10 pounds of body fat, all while gaining a pound of muscle in 2 weeks exactly. My body fat percentage went from 26.2% to 20.9%. I am extremely excited about my results and I will continue to practise his program and eating tips. Way to go Ryan- you’re a 10!!

Alison Tseng: (Weight Loss): The best part about training with Ryan Brown is that he knows how to have a lot of fun, while you achieve your goals. He creates custom made exercises specifically for your body. I actually look forward to working out now, and I even find myself going to the gym almost everyday by myself to practice the program that he gave me. In less than 2 weeks I lost over 6 pounds and 4% of body fat. I would definitely recommend Ryan Brown to anyone who is thinking about working out with a Professional Personal Fitness Trainer.

Julia Kwon: (Marathon Training) I have always wanted to run a marathon, but never knew how to properly train for it. While having loads of fun, and laughs, I was finally able to run my first marathon. I didn't do a half marathon, I did a full marathon, that’s over 40 kilometers of running. He is definitely a 10/10 hands down. If you’re looking for a fun, intense, workout with a Professional Fitness Trainer, Ryan Brown is your guy.

Calvin Leung: (Strength Training) I'm a full time psychology student, and my results with Ryan Brown have been outstanding to say the least. I virtually have no time between working and school, so Ryan utilizes the time that we do have together to its full potential. For example I could only lift 90 pounds off of the ground 3 weeks ago once, and now I can lift 375 pounds off of the ground 3 times. I was able to build strength, and posture while losing body fat percentages at the same time. I highly recommend Ryan Brown as a Personal Trainer. He not only builds your strength but your self esteem as well. The best advice that Ryan Brown gave me was; "Don't think about it, just do it, I know you can.

Brianne Soltys:(Nurse) Ryan Brown is a rare find. He knows firsthand the obstacles that have to be overcome in order to be successful in losing weight and improving your over-all health. He is qualified, flexible, and dedicated. Ryan knows how to motivate and has inspired me to stay true to the goals I have set for myself. He is supportive, yet challenges me to push my own limits. As woman who has struggled with her weight for four years and as a Registered Nurse, I confidently support Ryan and the talented way he promotes health.

Balvir  Bahia: (weight loss) I have worked out with Ryan for only 2 months, and I have noticed vast change in myself. I have dropped 4 dress sizes. I am able to do lot more, such as; I can climb stairs without wheezing. I had lot of injuries (left shoulder not working, right foot etc.) but Ryan has worked with my weakness and my core is now a lot stronger. He pays close attention to what the body is doing and corrects posture when needed, its that close attention to details that makes Ryan stand out as a trainer. I am now playing ball hockey and holding my own and this is due to working with Ryan. Thank you Ryan!

Jesse Frame: (endurance training) Working with Ryan has unlocked potential that I didn't even know was possible. From sep.9th-oct.21,08 I had more than doubled my reps and weight in mostly all my exercises. I also gained 3.5 pounds of muscle in that time frame. My 10 km running routine was alot faster in which I went from 1hr - 45min time frame. Im looking forward to seeing my future gains with further training, and I'd recommend Ryan to anyone looking to take their training to the next level.

Sandy  Goodfellow: (weight loss) I would highly recommend him as a trainer for any level, he is very motivating,professional, and fun to work with, he helped me meet and surpass my expectations in a very short amount of time. I lost 23.4 cm overall in less than 4 weeks, I was very amazed and happy. Ryan also shared his valuble knowledge of diet and techniques, to help make the process simpler. I would rate him a 10 out of 10 and would gladly work with him again in the future.Let me tell you about the best Personal Trainer ever! Ryan Brown taught me so much about working out!. I came here with no knowledge of the gym equipment and im leaving now, not only skinnier and healthier but with a kick ass workout routine! I lost 33cm off my body working out with Ryan in only 6 weeks!!

Sara  Holt: (weight loss) Ryan Brown is a great Personal Trainer! He helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight! He has helped me to have a great routine, that really helped me to get to my goals!!

2001 Chris Coleman: (strength) I had the privilege of working out with Ryan from 2001 - 2003. He got me started into the sport of weight lifting / powerlifting. His explosive raw power became the motivator for me to push myself beyond my limits. I witnessed him bench 405 pounds 3 times, that made me realize that with hard work and commitment unreal strength goals were attainable. The best thing working with Ryan though was his commitment. Not only for pushing you but also always showing up to the gym and being a great workout partner! 

Joane Burgess: I have tried many things over many years and Ryan works!

Heather Pullien: I have doubled and tripled my strength in only 4 weeks all while dropping dress sizes, having=better sleeps, etc. thanks Ryan!

Heather Bowmen: I lost over 10 pounds in 4 weeks with Ryans tools.

Collette Mayne: I recommend Ryan to anyone that looking for an awesome Workout! 

Elisca Long: I can't believe the results I have received in such a short period of time, I wish I would have started training with Ryan along time ago.

Rebecca Keating: My name is Rebecca, and I have been in numerous competitions over the years, and I have nothing but good things to say about Ryan and his training techniques, so advanced!

Jasmin Kate: Best Azz workout Ever! Thanks Ryan, your tool is so powerful Amazing how you can give me an Azz workout like that but Online!

Chris Boyd: I got to my health goals before I knew it!! Thanks soo much Ryan your online tools Really Work!!


Corbie Blennerhassett: I am amazed at my strength progressions in such little time! For Example, I could only do 90 pounds on the decline for 10 

reps, Now im doing 5x as much weight for double the reps, Thanks Ryan ! Your custom online tools really work!

Briana Nisbet: MY azz is looking better than Ever!! Thanks to Ryans Online Tools! Amazing Training, Amazing Results. Looking forward to competing for $100,000 cash prizes for in Vegas!

Kelly Burnham: Blown away by my results in 90 days! I never thought I would ever get to this level of fitness especially since I am almost in my 60's

Donna Burnham: I have been training with Ryan now for 1 year, and I must say if you are serious about your health goals, stop messing around with all the hype and just hire Ryan!

Brie Kenzie:I F**king love training with Ryan and so will you!

Dr Schuster: I am a medical doctor and I strongly recommend that you hire Ryan!

Courtney Grado: I love my results, I have been working out for a long time but working out with Ryan in only a couple months has blown me away, I will never be the same!! Ryan brings out your true potential.

Alyssa Fletcher: I have hired many other trainers and let me tell you Ryans 15 years experience combined with 4 years of full time college, plus all is his custom Personal Training tools makes him stand out from the rest, thanks Ryan!

Alana Denham: I am a Zumba and dance instructor, and I love how much fun working out with Ryan is! I am getting to my goals so fast!! OMG

Ash Ley: Ryan really knows how to motivate people even when they are thousands of miles away, his online tools are Amazing to say the least! thanks Ryan!

Maritza Delba: My job as a nurse is really physically demanding at times, I feel better than ever, no aches and pains after work and my energy and sleeps are so amazing! thanks Ryan!

Jenn McGuire:Fun, creative, amazing are just 3 words to describe how cool Ryan knows how to kick anybody off of a plateau, thanks Ryan!! You Rock!!

Becky Burbank: I went to college with Ryan in 1998, I am so excited for Ryan and his future in health and fitness!!

Marianne Beaulieu: I only worked out with Ryan once, but Ryan brought out a potential in me I have never seen before! Thanks so much!!

Jesse Lammers: I am a model and have been training with Ryan for years! You will also see me in alot of Ryans videos! If your serious about your goals, contact Ryan no matter where you are! cheers

Michelle Mcdougall: I have competed many times over many years, and if your serious about competing contact Ryan, his online tools really work

Dave Peltier : Serious Clients Only 

Abby Kambitz: I am so excited about my results, I placed 1st place for the first time training with Ryan in only a couple months. I have been competing in bikini competitions for years and that I am competing

Chisa Glendenning: 1st in Bikini Tall/2nd in Figure/4th in Bikini Short @ Vancouver Cup " Even better, it's been a week since the show, and the whole team has NOT gained any inchs or weight! Ryan Brown's online tools he uses in the gym Really work! Safely and Effectively! No crazy diets/no fat burners/no carb cycling, no depleting of anything! No crazy supplementation! All natural from the inside out! THANK YOU RYAN!!!!!! 

Bobbi Reiger: I have never seen progressions like this in such a short period of time!

Rebecca Upton: Ryans online tools are the way of the future, amazing fast results!

Chelsey Naka: I miss Ryans Spinning classes!!

Shauna Gorbowski: Best results I have seen in record time like only 1-2 months!

Nason Ibrahim: (Toronto) The Best! I lost 20 pounds in less than a couple months!

Marissa Baerg: I have been training with Ryan for 90 days and totally recommend Ryan! I have never seen these kind of results in such a short period of time!

Carly Hood: I have been a fitness leader for quite sometime, and I must say that Ryans online tools are by far superior over any training techniques I have ever seen!

Bobby Reese: My squats and my overall strength has gone through the roof in like a couple weeks!

Jackie Simmons: I love the way my azz looks Now!

Tim Allen: I am literally blown away at the results that I have got in such little time and Im almost in my 60's!

Rylan Berg: If you ever need motivation talk to Ryan!

Marcel Irnie: (Pro Athlete) I am a pro racer at IrnieRacing.com. I worked with Ryan for over 5 years and he is the best in the industry.

Callie Abougoush: Time to throw out some big props to my friend and trainer. He has created the most positive and motivating training group I have ever been part of, and I have become 100% stronger since I started training with him. Looking forward to more positive results! I highly recommend him to anyone (of any fitness level) to give him a try.... You can thank me later

Morely Soltys: Ryan is the best!

Lorraine Soltys: Ryan is the best!

Bri Soltys: Ryan is the best!

Katy Saunders :Great training sessions my my trainer Mr Brown!

Tash Vanbuuren: 1st competition top 10 baby ya! Bikini fitness just around the corner! I love Ryans Personal Training techniques.

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